June 3, 2020

Brand Management and Differentiation in the Current Climate

Brands clearly face the expectation by consumers to address the issue of Covid...

…and other societal issues they feel passionate about, in a timely, direct and empathetical way. The question is how authentic their brand promise measures up to these issues. Its also not good enough to just follow the pack, I think we have all seen the stock ads over the last few weeks that look as they have been produced by the same video editing or art studio (knowing there’s not many major shoots happening now) with “your logo here” attached to them. Clearly there’s no differentiation in this approach, and probably a very shallow response from consumers (and employees). There are a hand full of people getting this right, for the rest there’s a real need for a re-look at their short and mid term strategy.

Mark Ingall was formerly the Managing Director of Global Branding, Media and Marketing at Citi.