Power of the Collective

We are a networked group of individuals, who joined forces in the new economy to efficiently combine our knowledge, wisdom, insights, and intuitions into an emergent intelligence.

Our unique signature delivery is derived from each player, who is positioned to contribute to this unique problem-solving network. CIS describes this network of people interacting to produce Disciplined, Agnostic, and Intelligent outcomes.

It enables us to answer questions, reach decisions, and make predictions by thinking together as a unified intelligence. By tapping the unique expertise of the highly accomplished individual contributors we can draw from a range of experiences, with each player contributing individual pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

This process has been shown to produce significantly improved decisions, predictions, estimations, and forecasts.

Proven Track Record

Proven track record in developing innovative solutions across a broad range or clients, geographies, and industries.

Impactful Strategies

Our corporate structure is designed to deliver the most creative, strategic, impactful solutions for your business.

Collective Talent Org

Unhindered by traditional corporate restraints, we bring clients unprecedented service, access & ROI.

Top-Down Approach

Top-down vs. bottom-up approach provides our clients with senior level access.

Who We Are

The LMA team is designed to give you more effective and efficient solutions to drive your business.

Our advisors are based in London, Dubai, New York, Atlanta, San Jose, Hilton Head, Miami, and Toronto. Our unique structure means you get the collective input of a powerful group people – not just one person’s view – at a more efficient cost structure that’s based on getting to a solution, not on monthly minimums or traditional retainer models.

What We Do

Whether its naming rights, brand design, creative development, or media planning (to name a few) we have the experience and connections to get it done.

The advisors have developed deep relationships with media owners, rights holders, creative resources, and analytics partners over many years of doing business with them. We have inked major deals together, developed analytical models together, built brands together, and produced award winning creative together.

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