Why We Exist

LMA is a global virtual consultancy built for today's ever-changing business landscape.

With our wide-ranging experience, LMA provides the specialization you need in any industry worldwide, whether it’s sponsorship, brand activation, media, or sales orientation. Since our advisors have all worked on the client side, we don’t need an extended period of discovery like most consultants. We can quickly help you deliver business results and demonstrate the marketing ROI that CEO’s, CFO’s and general managers increasingly require.

Leverage Marketing Advisors
What We Do

LMA has strong relationships across all types of rights-holders.

We have experience with most sports leagues, teams, federations, entertainment properties, and influencers around the world.

Our unique collective of talent, contacts and business acumen gives you the impact and access to key audiences you want. We are all passionate about lifestyle marketing and are ready to help you use sports, music, entertainment, gaming, or tech to help build your brands and businesses. We know how to connect sponsorship not only to causes and awareness, but how to drive engagement and link it to business outcomes.

Who We Are

Our team gives you true thought leadership coupled with a brand and agency perspective.

Our advisors are based in London, Dubai, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Toronto, giving you international reach. Because our team works collaboratively, you get the collective input of a powerful group of consultants. But as a virtual company with a low overheard, LMA is more cost effective, offering a higher value compared to traditional agencies.


We are passionate about lifestyle marketing – using sports, music, entertainment and gaming to build brands and businesses.

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